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Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing

Taylor’s Pressure Washing provides experienced commercial pressure washing, power washing, and exterior building cleaning services to Raleigh and surrounding areas using professional equipment and chemicals.  With commercial and retail properties your building is most likely a major investment and should always look its best. Most customers and investors judge your business’ abilities and reputation based solely on the appearance of your building. Keeping your building looking its best is vital! Pressure Washing, power washing, and soft washing techniques while using professional cleaning chemicals will allow us to enhance your property's appearance.

Unfortunately, the appearance of your building may not always be in your control. Weather conditions, “people traffic”, and other influences, buildings, doors, floors, parking lots, and machinery collect dirt and debris and can leave your business (bank, plaza, restaurant, parking lot, grocery store, gas station, convenience store, car dealership, strip mall, hotel or motel) looking less than its best.

Taylor’s Pressure Washing provides the most efficient method of power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing to get rid of the surface dirt, mold, mildew, and any other buildup that could collect on your building, parking lot, or walkways using the proper training and chemicals with the equipment to accomplish the best results. Plus, pressure washing or power washing is the most efficient way to prepare your building for repairs, new paint, or stain on your bank, plaza, gas station, convenience store, restaurant, parking lot, car dealership, grocery store or strip mall, hotel or motel type commercial building.

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