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Soft Washing

Taylor’s Pressure Washing follows the industry standard when it comes to cleaning mold, dirt, laitance, and bugs on building and hardscape surfaces. This cleaning process is commonly known as "soft washing" which involves pre-treating surfaces with chemicals such as a mild bleach solution followed by a light rinse - all vegetation is heavily watered and/or covered to prevent damage during this process.


Hard pressure through pressure washing or power washing should never be used unless the surfaces are being prepped for a new coat of paint unless it is brick or concrete type cleanings that need the pressure and will be safe to use on that surface area with the appropriate PSI and chemicals. Banks, Plaza, gas station, convenience store, car dealerships, hotels, motels, grocery stores, restaurant, strip mall type commercial buildings usually have stucco material which we can use our chemicals and soft wash method safely to remove the dirt, mildew, and cobwebs to renew the look for the potential customers.

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