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Window Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Be Sure To Regularly Clean Your Windows

Most people don’t realize just how dirty windows can actually get, even the ones on the inside of your home. This is because they disregard the fact that pollen and dust particles floating around in your house tend to collect on window panes and seals of the home, both inside and out.

With all of the germs coasting around in the air nowadays, it’s important to take preventive steps to shield our children from breathing in these toxins by having our windows cleaned regularly.


Service and Schedule Options

Our residential window cleaning service can be set up in any of the following ways:

  • One-time cleanups.

  •  Regular and recurring services.

  • Special cleanups before or after a party.


Get Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

You can count on us to give your exterior windows a thorough cleaning that leaves your windows looking crystal clear and streak-free! Here are some of the common exterior areas you can expect to be washed and cleaned:

  • Windows Interior, Exterior or both

  • Window seal wipe down

  • Add on service for screens low-pressure rinse

You can expect our staff to be on-time and organized throughout our service. We have many reviews of satisfied customers and leave every window clean and ready for you to enjoy the view.

Keeping Your Glass Healthy With Professional Window Cleaning!

The glass on your windows has tiny pores that can be seen with our eyes, just like our skin. When minerals from garden hoses, tap water, and rain run-off settle on your glass, they can cause hard water stains. Routine maintenance will help prevent these minerals from permanently staining your glass. We use a professional equipment system called a water fed pole system that runs the water through a filtration system making the water pure and neutralizing the PH level so the exterior window cleaning is SPOTLESS. Our interior window cleaning process consists of using an applicator of our window cleaning solution and then a squeegee to assure streak-free windows.

Our experienced technicians have the experience to clean a variety of window surfaces on any level of your home or business and the tools to do so safely and efficiently. We are here to help you keep your views crystal clear with cleaner, brighter windows. Contact Taylor's Pressure Washing today for a free estimate or for more information.

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